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Commercial & Industrial Matting
 Red Seal Certified Installers
We are the ultimate source for quality commercial matting
of any type, and will visit your site in the Thompson, Okanagan & Shuswap with samples and strategies on hand. 
See us for any matting requirements you have including:
Entry Matting Systems              Custom Logo Mats
Industrial Matting                       Salon Matting
Safety Mats                                 Anti-fatique Matting
Coco Matting                               Scraper / Walk Off Matting Recessed Well Matting              Sports Mats
Excercise Mats                           Food Service Matting Commercial Modular Matting    Ribbed Rubber & more
Tactile Warning Strip
Thompson, Okanagan & Shuswap 
ClickHere to be contacted for a free consultation on the best options for the matting plan for your business.
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